Little Yellow Dragon

As a child I read numerous books where the young main characters would somehow manage to acquire pets, usually dogs or horses, from thin air. Said animals where often abandoned on the main character’s doorsteps or willingly handed over free after the cruel previous owners were confronted with their cruelty. No matter how hard I looked I never found abandoned dogs on our doorstep or horses in our garden.

Now I am an adult (well, supposedly according to my age!) with the means to look after other creatures, I find myself surrounded by animal friends. When I think about it most of them have been abandoned on me, for different reasons, but I do love them all to bits.

One such creature that I have a particular soft spot for is a little yellow dragon. He was bought for my son three years ago, but last year had to be moved out of my son’s bedroom due to some building work being done. It then fell on me, for some strange reason, to look after him


He is in fact a Crested Gecko. We had been given lots of advice about looking after him when we bought him, but I found that whenever I went back to the shop I got differing advice. You can feed him on little bugs. No, you should feed him on pureed fruit only! He needs an ultraviolet light. No, he’ll be perfectly ok without a light.


I do feed him on pureed fruit, but I also give him little bugs too, because they’re his favourite. I carried on using the light for a while because it kept the cat off the top of his vivarium and so made his life more peaceful. During the last six months I stopped using the light as the cat stopped attempting to sit on Gecky’s house (yes I know it’s not a very imaginative name! My son chose it).

Last week while buying some more bugs for Gecky I came across a book on crested geckos. It was written by Lance Jepson and is simple to understand and very informative. I now realise that yes they should have both bugs and fruit to eat and yes they do need ultraviolet lights, but not very strong ones. It’s full of everything you need to know should you decide you want to look after a little dragon friend. I’m hoping I haven’t caused Gecky any harm by not using a light for a while, but he does seem fit and healthy at the moment.


It just goes to re-enforce how wonderful books are, also I may have to stop referring to Gecky as a ‘he’ from now on!

Here’s a link if you’d like a copy of Mr. Jepson’s book

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  1. Is Gecky a “she’?

    How, exactly, does one determine the sex of a gecko?
    For our goldfish, we just waited to see what they wore to the prom…

  2. Quite a cutey! Ahhh! 😀

  3. Thanks Sophie, he is very cute! 🙂

    Lucas Without getting to personal going by the photos in the book ‘he’ does look more like a ‘she’ though it isn’t that easy to tell!! 😀


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