The Cat

ImageI know what you’re thinking “Arrh, how cute” well don’t be fooled! This tiny little cat is demonic. This week I’ve had to fork out £35 on a new lead for my laptop because she’d chewed its original one so bad it wouldn’t work anymore. There isn’t an electric lead in our house that doesn’t bear her teeth marks and you wouldn’t believe the amount of I-pod leads we’ve had to replace.

There she is curled on my lap all comfy and happy, she doesn’t care that I’m trying to write this blog and she’s just making it hard for me to type. As soon as the laptop comes out she’s crawling all over me and won’t take no for an answer.Image

I have to say I’m more of a doggie person myself, I like cats well enough, just never really wanted to share my home with one. But my daughter desperately wanted a kitten, begged me for years until I finally relented and Kyrie arrived. Now Catherine, my daughter has gone off to university leaving me here alone with… ‘the cat.’

I’m sure she’s trying to do me in, whenever I attempt to go up or down the stairs she runs between my feet and were ever I walk she’s there rolling on her back in my path. If I’m cooking she’s lying by the cooker waiting to trip me up when I’m carrying a pan of hot fat or boiling water. She’s stalking me, following me around the place, meowing loudly if I shut her in a room, until I have to let her out again.

 “She’s doing that because she loves you and wants your attention,” you say. More like it’s part of her evil plan for ‘house domination!’ Chew all the electric leads cut off communication, do away with the head of the house and take over.

You may think this is the ranting of a mad woman, but be warned, her evil plan won’t end with the taking over of our home. No, she’ll move on to bigger things, no one will be safe!!!!!Image

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  1. Sends chills down my spine! 😀 xx

  2. She’s one scary cat!! 😀

  3. We have two cats. Shh… they might be watching as I type this and will seek out their revenge. Seriously, though, mine don’t chew, but I have one who likes to spill things. In my house, you can’t get a glass of water and sit it on the end table next to you. Not unless you want Pix knocking it over. Good luck taming the savage kitty.

  4. But she she is sooo cute. 😀

  5. Thanks Tricia I’m going to need it!! 😀
    Kate being cute is probably part of her evil plan!! 😀

  6. I have a guinea pig. His name is Papa Joey. He is the Italian mobster of guinea pigs, and I’m sure he could teach your cat a thing or too. Don’t let the cute little beady eyes fool you… =D

  7. Thanks Tamara, guinea pigs have really got that ‘being cute’ thing down to a fine art haven’t they? 😀

  8. Gloria walshver

     /  July 5, 2012

    I have a dog who I find that he’s precious to us and devoted.

    • Thank you Gloria, I have two devoted dogs also they are so funny they never stop making me laugh! I do love the cat too, she follows me all round the house a bit like a dog, but unlike dogs you’re never quite sure what a cat’s thinking!! 😀


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