Too Late!

I have struggled to meet the release date for ‘Vortex’ and unfortunately it won’t be available as a paper book till the end of the month. But I am still hopeful of getting it out as an ebook on Amazon later today or early tomorrow.

So in recognition of this event I’m posting an alternative prologue for Vortex. This takes place immediately after the original prologue and moments before the action in chapter one, hope you like it. 🙂


The black stallion’s breath came in laboured gasps as he strained for more speed against the near hurricane force wind. The driving rain turning the earlier snow to slush underfoot, making the going as slippery as sheets of ice. The ground sloped downhill and he lost his footing, slipping and scrabbling to retain his grip as the speed he was travelling swept him along, sliding out of control.

Etienne gathered his reins and gripped tight to the young horse, in an effort to keep him upright. ‘Damn, why didnt I think to bring Sky tonight,’ he thought angry at himself, knowing the older stallion would have been faster and much more sure footed in these conditions. But when he’d set out, earlier that evening, he never guessed that later that same night he’d be racing through the dark, battling against a vicious storm as if his life depended on it. It hadn’t occurred to him that he was going to need Sky’s knowledge, speed and agility.

The young stallion hit the bottom of the slope still upright and leapt forward sending mud and slush flying from under his hooves. Etienne placed his hand on the horse’s neck with the intention of infusing the need to go faster into the stallions mind. As he opened his mind to his mount’s conscious thoughts he was blasted with the fear and strain the horse was under. The stallion was turning himself inside out for the man on his back, straining to the very limits of his endurance. Etienne withdrew his mind, gasping, ‘I’m too old for this,’ he thought   blinking his brilliant blue eyes against the driving rain.

“It’s the Dragon, he’s gone crazy again and he’s on the southern tower, the guards have had to make a run for it.” The bedraggled young guard had reported after disturbing Etienne’s evening with his old friend, Ethelred. Not that the evening hadn’t already held it’s puzzles. Ethelred, old and wise, was the most trusted of all Etienne’s friends and advisers. This evening he’d been disturbed, worried by the unusual change in the weather, the uneasiness of the wildlife and the prediction of an old prophesy. It was that and the guards answer when asked who had gone to try and control the situation, that had injected fear into Etienne’s heart.

“Captain Damian left straight away sir, as soon as he heard.”

Disturbing prophecies, an angry dragon and Damian in the middle of it all. What, in the name of The Great Spirit had possessed Damian to go? He had to get there, he knew he was going to be too late, but he had to try.

Glancing back over his shoulder he could see no sign of the two guards that had accompanied him that evening. They must have fallen well behind and Etienne hoped they’d turned for home. There was no point in them killing their horses too.

He should give up himself, the race was lost before he’d even started, he knew that. Whatever was happening at the southern tower would be over by the time he got there. A desperate hopelessness swept over Etienne. It was probably already over. He was much too late, much, much too late.

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  1. Very nice excerpt. Looks to be a good read. Your new friend from the Follow Party, following by RSS feed.


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