Vortex Free on Kindle

Yes Vortex is free on Amazon Kindle today and tomorrow!! (15th and 16th December) And again between 22nd and 24th December!!!

In the US

In the UK

Have a very MERRY CHRISTMAS!!!!

Here is a short extract to whet your appetite!

Silent and still, the girl lay on the shiny floor at the top of the stairs, her head pressed against the doorpost. Damian stood in a state of shock for a number of seconds. He had caused her to panic, run and consequently fall, and now she was so still.

Snapping out of it, he leapt to the top of the stairs and knelt by the girl’s side. He could hear her shallow breathing, which was a relief; she must just be unconscious. The way she had fallen meant she was lying awkwardly, twisted. He carefully slid his hand under her head, gently moving her away from the doorpost and laying her flat so she looked more comfortable. There was a large lump forming under her hair where her head had made contact, and he had smelt the blood before he’d even touched her. His heart raced and panic started to well up in the pit of his stomach. He didn’t know anything about healing, and here, so far from home, he knew no one, no one to turn to for help.

Downstairs, the door clicked and the sound of voices drifted up from below. A couple of students started to climb the stairs chatting about a new friend they had just been out for a drink with. Damian didn’t wait to hear whether they were coming up as far as the fourth floor. Scooping the girl up, he carefully carried her back to her door. Her keys lay abandoned on the floor where she’d dropped them. After a couple of failed attempts, he got the right key and the door opened. As he carried her inside, he could hear the two students on the stairs below, still chatting animatedly.

Pushing the door closed with his foot, Damian examined the room. It was small in comparison to the rooms he was used to; more like a large cupboard. There was a very comfortable-looking bed, on which he carefully placed the girl, making sure her head was resting on the plump pillow. The room smelt of the same warm flowery scent as the girl, and he immediately liked it. An L-shaped table against the wall opposite the bed took up most of the remaining space. It was piled high with books, papers and other objects which were totally alien to him, and there were heaps of clothing piled on the floor along with more books.

He quickly retrieved her bags from the corridor where they had been dropped when she panicked. He inspected her head. The bleeding seemed to have stopped, but her hair was full of sticky blood and the lump was stretching her skin taut.

‘I bet that is going to hurt when she wakes up,’ he thought. Looking down at her, he smoothed her hair back from her face. She is even more beautiful in real life. He felt guilty to be touching her, even looking at her, while she lay unconscious and vulnerable. Backing away, he turned the only chair round so that he could sit and watch over her until she woke.

As the minutes turned to hours, Damian became more and more worried. He was mesmerised watching her, but her continued unconscious state needed rectifying. He couldn’t believe he’d let this happen; he’d as good as driven her to the point where she had fallen. What if she was seriously hurt, or even dying?

The sun had long since set and the room was in darkness. There must be heat coming from somewhere, because it was pleasantly warm despite the cold October night outside. He did a quick search of the tabletop in the hope of finding some candles. He didn’t want her to wake up in the dark in case she was disorientated and confused. But he couldn’t find anything that might be used to shed light and had to give up. All he could do was sit on the chair and wait until she finally started to stir.