Wicked Game

Wicked Game is coming on well at the moment, I’ve always had the last few chapters almost fully formed in my head so it’s just a case of writing them down!! Then of course there’s all the editing, rewriting etc. but I’m actually looking forward to that bit.

So I have started thinking about what I’m going to put on the back of the book and here’s my first draft of the back cover synopsis:

From the inside of the open locket, a pair of blue eyes gazed out from the face of a young girl. She had an amused expression and long, wavy brown hair. A fierce ache clawed at Damian’s chest as he looked upon this face, the face of Samantha White. He tore his eyes away and gently snapped the locket shut, closing his fingers around it and pressing his fist against his heart.
“Please come back to me Sam,” the words formed silently on his lips, “I can not exist without you.”

She had everything anyone could ever want, a home, a future, a large, loving family and Damian.

But Sam walked away and now she can’t go back…

Any thoughts would be appreciated! 🙂

Effra in flames

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  1. That’s good, and intriguing. Why would anyone leave such a promising life? I would just have to buy it and find out.

  2. Ooo, I really like it, Lindsey! I agree with Roger – I’d buy it based on this. 🙂

    • Wow thanks Kay!! I was sort pushed to write something when I found Wicked Game was already on Goodreads! But that’s always the best way with me, otherwise I end up procrastinating forever! 😀


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