Wicked Game Cover Reveal!!!!

Yes here it is, the cover for Wicked Game!!!! Very excited!!! Thank you to the wonderful Gregory Barons for all his hard work designing and putting it together for me. (it’s not easy finding unicorn skulls!!) I’m totally thrilled with it.

wicked game cover 1


As for Wicked Game, I’ve finished my first edit and it’s on its way out to my beta readers, so feeling nervous about what they’re going to think of it at the moment!! Will keep you posted!

Tania Elizabeth – Guest Post

I was recently contacted by Tania Elizabeth author of The Tier of Eternal Grace. Tania is doing a blog hop in aid of Starlight Children’s Foundation a charity which supports terminally ill children and their families. There is nothing worse than watching your child suffer, I can’t imagine the heartache involved. So when Tania asked me if she could do a guest post I was more than pleased to help.

Hi J My name is Tania Elizabeth and besides being a mum of three beautiful children, I am the author of the trilogy The Tier of Eternal Grace. Book One The Moon Clearing was released earlier this year. Book Two The Mirrors Shadow will be released late September and Book Three will then follow in the early part of 2014.

The Tier of Eternal Grace is a captivating fantasy of magic and passion, wound into the truths of reality that will enchant readers with its depiction of the faerie realm, and the exploits of the faeries themselves. Book One of the series ‘The Moon Clearing’ is an immersive tale of mysticism and adventure, of spiritual and sensual intent that shall enrapture your every sense.



I am a divine being of divine beauty and power.

My power lies in love, my strength I’ve gained from grace

I am grounded in thy truths and live purely of heart.

I’ve a gratitude for all life’s glory; never shall I be misplaced.

Though it comes to pass that I am rivaled

 By the name of another and that of my own uncertainties,

 dare I be denied my truths, my mind’s clear

By the name of another, I am now in jeopardy.

Beyond the boundary that separates the mundane and earthly planes from the divine lies Eterna Fadas, a place ruled by extraordinary beings, lithe and human-like in appearance, yet ethereal in their grace and beauty, and sensuous in nature.

“I have existed always! Where I began I do not know, for all I know is just as I am today!”

As Queen, Tatiana was thought to have lived a life of opulence, her faith and beliefs her endearing essence. Why then was it so, that beneath the picture of perfection laid torments and terrors even she dare not explain. Being She came with its prices paid. Being She came with a deal; a contract in which she was to relinquish herself to a rogue of unmerciful fury. Would this be the end of all she know? Would this be the end of her existence?

For further information on myself, and my books, please follow the links below.

FACEBOOK  http://www.facebook.com/TheTierOfEternalGrace?ref=hl

AMAZON  http://www.amazon.com/The-Tier-Of-Eternal-Grace/dp/1479761877/ref=sr_1_1?ie=UTF8&qid=1363858392&sr=8-1&keywords=the+tier+of+eternal+grace

BARNES AND NOBLE  http://www.barnesandnoble.com/w/the-tier-of-eternal-grace-tania-elizabeth/1114561183?ean=9781479761876&itm=1

YouTube  http://youtu.be/TI7C6pTTPK4

Like each and every one of us, my own journey has been one of trials and tribulations, of Love and of passions; and the dissolutions of it. Heartache, sorrows, smiles and laughter always seeming. Though, through the writing of this book and the words of Tatiana, I have found a peace within and learnt the true meaning of “I LOVE ME!”

From myself, may I now ask for your help!


I am asking for all’s assistance.

To give to others is to give to oneself.

Help us to raise awareness and funds for the Starlight Children’s Foundation, which supports terminally ill children and their families.

There are two ways in which people can help.
It is very simple.

By simply hosting, reviewing or interviewing myself/my book via a blog post, amazon, newspaper, radio, TV within a 21day window frame, between the dates of Friday 12th of April and Friday the 3rd of May. For every appearance, I will be donating $1 to the Starlight Children’s Foundation.

If any of you could help, I would be so grateful. If you could connect me with anyone else who would be happy to interview, do a short post or review on myself/my book, I would be ever so grateful more.

I am also asking for donations, even $1, which you may do direct via this link.

You may also follow our progress on the Starlight Author’s Aid Facebook Page.


We are looking at making this an annual event. This year it is based upon myself, though every year after, we will base it upon another upcoming author.
So please share and pass this along to all. Let’s make this a huge affair and raise much needed funds for a very worthy cause.

My heartfelt thanks to all.

Love, Blessings and Faerie Kisses always

Tania Elizabeth xo


The London Book Fair

I am starting to get very excited about the London Book Fair next week. I can only go for one day which is a bit of a shame because it looks like there’s going to be more than enough stuff to fill the full three days of the show for any visitor. But what’s getting me most excited and very scared is that Kobo, who are a major supplier of ebooks (including Vortex 😀 ) have given me a half hour slot in their author lounge at the fair!! So if anyone happens to be going to the fair on Tuesday 16th please call by and see me!!