Coming Very Soon!!

While we all sizzle away here in the UK, I’ve been stuck indoors editing and formatting Wicked Game. My wonderful editor has been working hard, sorting out my grammar and spelling disasters, and I’ve been updating my file and formatting it ready to submit to the printers.

Soooo! If everything goes to plan, I am hoping to publish the ebook version of  Wicked Game by 3rd August!!!

wicked game cover 1

I’m very excited as you can imagine, I really wanted to get it published before I go to Las Vagas for the RNConvention! I am hoping to be able to publish the paper versions as soon as I return hopefully by the 18th August!

Then after all that excitement, I’m going to have to buckle down and get writing the final instalment, Shegal. We have now, thanks to Greg Barons my wonderful cover artist, got a working cover for Shegal. It’s a work in progress so it may yet change, but I do like it so maybe not! What do you think?

postcard shegal



Kidstales Summer Reading Event

This year here in the UK we really are finally getting a summer!! And It’s a very hot one! Serves us all right for complaining so much in previous years about the weather!

But, with the risk of sounding old, I have to say it reminds me of summers when I was a kid. The summers always seemed hot and sunny back then. One thing I liked about my summers when I was young was having more free time to read. Although neither of my parents were great readers they instilled in us kids a respect and love of books.

So when I came across Kidstales Summer Reading Event on Facebook I wanted to get involved if I could. I think it’s very important to encourage children to read, especially these days when there are so many hi-tec distractions for them. Kidstales is providing a  summer reading program challenge for children of all ages. They are giving prizes for the reader’s achievements, offering give-aways and competitions and much more. So really a lot of fun to be had and enjoyed.

This week I’m thrilled and honoured to have been selected as their sponsor of the week. Candice Simpson who is masterminding the event has some of my bookmarks and a very cute small cat I sent her up for grabs. So If you’re signed up for the event make sure you take a look at what you need to do to try and win one of them. I also know she has a couple of unicorns and a couple of copies of my book Vortex to give as prizes as well, so make sure you keep reading!

Dragon in Spain

Well, it’s been a while since I last wrote a post for this poor neglected blog!! In that time I’ve had a lovely holiday in Spain with my family. We were all pretty done in from work and life pressures so we didn’t do much other than read, realax and swim in the pool.


The area we visited was between Almeria and Murcia in the south of Spain. We stopped in a lovely villa around fifteen miles from the coast on the edge of a village called Bedar. Bedar is situated on the side of a mountain and the views from our villa were breathtaking!


IMG_1065         Thankfully it wasn’t too hot because no of us do very hot! and there was a nice breeze blowing most of the week to stop us really overheating!

So after such a lovely relaxing time I’m back and will hopefully be giving this poor blog a lot more love from now on!