Alliance Of Worldbuilders

The Alliance of Worldbuilders

The Alliance of Worldbuilders is a group of talented fantasy and sci-fi authors. We started out on as a thread on the forum, helping each other with critiques and advice. We are led by our very own Dark Lord and now have our own website and Facebook page. A growing number of us have now had books published either by publishers or by self-publishing.

The Alliance of Worldbuilders website:

Facebook page:

Griffin’s Quill website:



William MacMillan Jones!/pages/The-Banned-Underground/222107091139685!/pages/Safkhet-Publishing/249819998363474


Kay Kauffman


Katrina Anne Jack


Sophie E. Tallis


John Lucas Hargis


Lisa Wiedmeier


Rose Wall,!/pages/Worlds-Apart-Series-Book-One-Leah/214527605234410


Sam Dogra VC


Tamara Hickman


Emily R. McKeon


AFE Smith


Jeremy Rodden


Gretchen Steen


TRM, The Dark Lord


Richard A Wentworth


Ryan Holmes


Valarie Willis

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