On a night when prophecies stir, an outraged dragon vents his anger, Damian is ripped from everything he knows and Sam’s nightmares become real…

 Sam isn’t enjoying university life, she’s disillusioned with her course and having second thoughts about her future. It doesn’t help that she keeps having a scary, recurring nightmare and when she thinks things couldn’t get worse a creepy man follows her back to her room.

Damian is unique, he has silver eyes, horns and wings, he is also being visited by a ghost girl. She looks so sad and frightened he feels compelled to help her, but the night he reaches out to save her from a dragon’s fiery breath he gets ripped from his life, his world, from everything he knows.

Now it’s Damian who’s lost in an unfamiliar world that’s devoid of magic and full of strange monsters. His only connection with home is Sam who he recognises as the ghost girl. Sam has to put aside her fear and disbelief in Damian’s explanations about himself to try and help him find his way home.

But in a world without magic is this possible?

Lindsey Parsons writes a sci-fi story that is both riveting and believable.  The characters are captivating and the plot keeps readers on the edge of their seats!  This book is a page-turner that will grab readers, wrap them up and hold them  hostage all night long, just to find out what will happen next!  The first in a series, Vortex is a wonderful opening to an intriguing story line, leaving readers yearning for the next instalment! – InD’tale magazine

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  1. Just finished reading your book. And I really liked it! I’m so curious to what the second book will bring and can’t wait to find out ^^ Do you already have a closer estimate as to when it will be out? I hope it will be soon!

    • Wow thanks Witchmag!! I’m really thrilled you like it!
      I’m around 3/4 of the way through Wicked Game, which is the second book, I am writing like crazy because I’m really behind on my schedule!! But I am hoping to get it out by July. I have a progress meter up at the top of the right column which I’m keeping updated and I will also be making announcements here and on FB Thanks again 😀

      • No problem ^^ I really enjoyed the book. And I’ll keep a close watch to the progress meter 😉

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