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As it is Valentines I thought I’d ask Sam, one of my main characters from Vortex, about the love of her life, Damian. They’re deep into they’re second book, Wicked Game, at the moment and things aren’t going too well for them so she won’t want to stay long.

Me: Welcome Sam, thanks for agreeing to answer a few questions for me, I know you’re very busy at the moment.

Sam: Yes, I’m in hiding, please don’t tell anyone where I am.

Me: No I won’t I know you’re having some major problems! I’ll get straight to it then so you can get back before Damian starts to panic!

Sam: Thanks he’s under a lot of pressure and I promised I wouldn’t be long.

Me: Okay, is it true you didn’t really like him when you first met?

Sam: He frightened me! I’d been having some awful nightmares about him, I thought he was after me, then when he turned up in real life, following me, I got really freaked out. He has these silver eyes which appear to be almost on fire, I thought back then they were very creepy. I tried to run away from him, but I fell and knocked myself out. He took me back to my room and tried to look after me, but I thought he was holding me prisoner or kidnapping me. To be fair it’s not surprising I didn’t like him at the time.

Me: So what changed your mind?

Sam: He did. As I got to know him a little I started to see a very vulnerable side to him. He’s incredibly strong and tough, but there’s a big weight, a kind of guilt pressing down on him, something in his past I don’t know about, but it haunts him. All he wants to do is help people, I think he’s trying to make amends for something. I came to realise how committed he is to his adoptive family, friends and his home. A lot of people don’t understand him and are frightened by him, but if they would just give him a chance they’d see how good and loyal he is.

Me: How do you feel about him now?

Sam: I love him. I can’t imagine my life without him in it. He makes me feel so safe and warm, I know now how much he loves me. I feel like he’s part of me or I’m part of him, it’s like finally feeling whole. 

Me: Thank you Sam for coming and being so open.

Sam: Is it okay if I go now? Only he’ll be really worried, we’re in a bit of a bad situation and I promised I’d get back quickly. Don’t forget not to tell anyone where we are.

Me: We won’t, thank you Sam and good luck.

Well Sam’s gone racing off so I thought I’d give you a small taster from Vortex:

Sam squirmed as flat as she could on the seat, pulling him down with her. He was pressed tight against her, she could feel the heat radiating from his skin and the warmth of his breath on her face. The fire and spice smell of him washed over her and a wave of heady dizziness blocked out everything but him. His untidy hair was hanging down, brushing against her forehead. She gazed up into his eyes, just inches from her own, smouldering in the darkness. He was staring down at her with such intensity it made her gasp. Her heart was doing somersaults in her chest and she lifted her face up closer to his just as a torch shone in the car window. There was a pause for about ten seconds while Damian’s eyes glowed down at her in the torchlight. Then there was the sound of someone knocking on the glass.

Well thank you for stopping by and I hope you have an exciting Valentines day!!

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The Next Big Thing

The Next Big Thing… we all like to think we will be.  I suppose there can only be so many Twilight’s in a lifetime, but you never know… right?

We are blog hopping our way through some new reads.  For those who aren’t familiar with a blog hop… To me it’s kind of like a treasure hunt – once you find something on one blog you hop on over to the next blog link for more treasure.  In this case, the treasure is a wealth of new and exciting books.  Some are still being written, some are just being released.  Either way, for fiction lovers… It’s a treasure and I’d like to thank Victoria Danann for tagging me to participate.

In this particular hop I answer 10 questions… you get to learn about my current WIP (work in progress), some of the characters I’ve come to think of as real, and how I got to the point of being nuts enough to write down over 70 thousand words worth of what the voices in my head have been whispering to me.  When it’s all said & done… comments and questions are always welcome.

What is the working title of your book?

‘Vortex,’ it is the first book in a trilogy called Return of The Effra. I am currently writing the second book which is called ‘Wicked Game.’

Where did the idea come from for the book?

It came from a number of places. It is set in our world where Sam comes from and in an alternative parallel universe where Damian is from. Damian’s world has been in my head since I was a young teenager, but the story itself was influenced mainly by music I listen too. At the time I had the idea for the story I had just bought Muse’s album ‘Haarp‘ which I love and I while googling Magi I discovered a Swedish group called Grand Magus, who I really love too. I tend to have music playing continuously and I’m always listening out for songs that I think go with the stories I’m writing or maybe dreaming up stories that go with the music I’m listening to!

What genre does your book fall under?

Definitely fantasy, it also falls into the YA genre though it could also be described as fantasy romance, paranormal or paranormal romance!

Which actors would you choose to play your characters in a movie rendition?

I haven’t found anyone for Sam yet, suggestions would be welcome! 😀


When I started to write Vortex I had a very definite idea what Damian looked like. After I had written around a fifth of the manuscript I had also been reading Eragon and I took out the film to watch. Half way through the film the character Murtagh turns up and he looked exactly like I had imagined Damian would look. So I would definitely cast Garrett Hedlund as Damian.



There is only one actor I can imagine playing Etienne, Rutger Hauer . He is one of my favourite actors and he played a character called Etienne Navarre in one of my most favourite films from when I was a young ‘Lady Hawk‘. Well worth a watch, if only for the scene near the end with the horses in the cathedral!

What is the one-sentence synopsis of your book?

Sam must overcome her distrust, fear and disbelief in order to help Damian save his world from ours.

Will your book be self-published or represented by an agency?

I have self published Vortex as I wanted to be able to make my own decisions. I originally sent my manuscript to a few agents, but at the time it still needed work. After I had revisited it and sorted out the issues I then made the decision not to resend it. I set up my own publishing company and set about publishing it myself. I have to admit to making plenty of mistakes, but I’m very proud of the final result and have to say I have enjoyed the whole process, it has left me with a great sense of achievement.

How long did it take you to write the first draft of your manuscript?

The first draft took me around 18 months, but I was only writing for pleasure and when I had time. When I started I didn’t imagine I would ever get round to finishing it, so I hadn’t given myself any time scales. I have to say I was quite shocked when I actually did finish it!

What other books would you compare this story to within your genre?

To be honest I can’t think of any books I have read that compare to Vortex, but that is because I haven’t read many books in this particular genre

Who or What inspired you to write this book?

When I read books I get so absorbed in the story that I feel lost when I arrive at the end. If I feel the story doesn’t have a satisfactory ending I feel let down. I had just read such a book before I started ‘Vortex’ and it made me wonder whether I could write a story and then I would be able to have it end how I wanted it to.

What else about your book might pique the reader’s interest?

Unlike a lot of other stories in this genre Vortex is told in the third person from two points of view. The greater part of the story is told from Sam’s point of view, but it is interlaced with chapters told from Damian’s point of view too, so you get to see the story unfold  from both sides. Vortex is not only a romance, but an adventure with a race against time, there’s mystery and distrust woven around a struggle against evil and all tied up in fate and an old prophesy.

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