Pumpkin Horror Story

This is Bob the pumpkin’s story, told in pictures.

Bob grew up in the warm summer of 2013 and by the time the weather finally turned cold and large drifts of golden leaves surrounded him, Bob had become a large fiery orange Pumpkin.


But one day, out of the blue, he was attacked by a lady with a knife and before he knew what was going on he found himself in a warm kitchen.


The knife re-appeared and poor Bob lost the the top of his head. You could see right down into his middle. “Looks like a set from the Alien films only in orange!” the woman commented.


And then Bob was gutted!


Large holes were carved in his lovely leathery, orange skin


and a small lit candle was placed inside.


But that’s not quite the end of the story though, because the woman did make Bob’s flesh into a very tasty, spicy pumpkin soup!



Happy Halloween

So it’s the spookiest night of the year and I’ve been out in my garden and picked the one and only pumpkin that grew there this year (It’s been a very bad year for growing things in my garden, appart from weeds of course!!!) He didn’t grow very big but he’s a fine example of a pumpkin me thinks! 😀


Then I got out a sharp knife and went to work gouging out his innards!


I carved him a scary, smiley face and gave him a glowing heart and now he’s sat outside guarding our home from spooky visitors!


I’m using his innards to make spicy pumpkin soup which is going to make me all glowey and warm inside too! 😀