I Was Conned!!

I like to think I’m fairly savvy and wouldn’t be fooled that easily, but I have to admit that my local pet shop may have conned me!

As you may know I have a crested gecko living with me, and despite being told he should only eat puréed fruit I know he loves small insects.

IMG_0246 (2)

So as a treat I often buy him a box of silent crickets.

Box of Crickets

He loves these and can move surprisingly fast when I let a couple go in his vivarium!

IMG_0237 (2)

But here lies the problem, it’s not that easy to get the crickets out of the box and into the vivarium one at a time (there can be 30 or more in a box!). As a result occasionally one manages to escape! I try not to think about these small bugs that might be hopping around my house, but over the last couple of weeks I’ve not been able to. Why? Because the pet shop lied to me when they told me they were SILENT crickets!! The last one to escape is not silent at all! The little b**** has been making constant chirpy cricket noises and for a small fellow he can make a very loud noise!


He is so small, that so far he’s managed to evade capture and keeps up a constant reminder of his presence in my home. I’m nowjust a bit worried about how big he may grow!

Baby Birds

A few weeks back I mentioned how the baby swallows who had hatched in my stable roof had flown the nest. I thought that would be the last batch of babies for this year. I was wrong, another pair of swallows has built a fresh nest and hatched a clutch of eggs. But it is now September and all the other swallows are starting to gather for their migration south. I’m worried these poor babies won’t be out of the nest and strong enough when it’s time for them to leave. The parents are working flat out to feed their babies, but time is running out!

I shot this video with my Iphone, please forgive the way it wobbles, my arms started to ache after a while of holding my phone up in the air!!

Thank you for watching 😀

Bye Bye Babies!

It’s been very quiet here on my little blog for the last couple of weeks, sorry. I have had a bit of a head cold which left me feeling a little groggy, but I’m finally feeling better!

In news from home, all the swallow babies seem to have left their nests now. It has been a very successful year for the swallow families who live in our stable roof each summer. Most years we have to rescue babies who fall out and clamber up step ladders to return them to their homes (this doesn’t turn their parents against them as people seem to think. They normally survive as long as the fall hasn’t injured them.), but not this year, we haven’t noticed any losses! So here’s a picture of one clutch of babies about to fly!

The Cat

ImageI know what you’re thinking “Arrh, how cute” well don’t be fooled! This tiny little cat is demonic. This week I’ve had to fork out £35 on a new lead for my laptop because she’d chewed its original one so bad it wouldn’t work anymore. There isn’t an electric lead in our house that doesn’t bear her teeth marks and you wouldn’t believe the amount of I-pod leads we’ve had to replace.

There she is curled on my lap all comfy and happy, she doesn’t care that I’m trying to write this blog and she’s just making it hard for me to type. As soon as the laptop comes out she’s crawling all over me and won’t take no for an answer.Image

I have to say I’m more of a doggie person myself, I like cats well enough, just never really wanted to share my home with one. But my daughter desperately wanted a kitten, begged me for years until I finally relented and Kyrie arrived. Now Catherine, my daughter has gone off to university leaving me here alone with… ‘the cat.’

I’m sure she’s trying to do me in, whenever I attempt to go up or down the stairs she runs between my feet and were ever I walk she’s there rolling on her back in my path. If I’m cooking she’s lying by the cooker waiting to trip me up when I’m carrying a pan of hot fat or boiling water. She’s stalking me, following me around the place, meowing loudly if I shut her in a room, until I have to let her out again.

 “She’s doing that because she loves you and wants your attention,” you say. More like it’s part of her evil plan for ‘house domination!’ Chew all the electric leads cut off communication, do away with the head of the house and take over.

You may think this is the ranting of a mad woman, but be warned, her evil plan won’t end with the taking over of our home. No, she’ll move on to bigger things, no one will be safe!!!!!Image

Little Yellow Dragon

As a child I read numerous books where the young main characters would somehow manage to acquire pets, usually dogs or horses, from thin air. Said animals where often abandoned on the main character’s doorsteps or willingly handed over free after the cruel previous owners were confronted with their cruelty. No matter how hard I looked I never found abandoned dogs on our doorstep or horses in our garden.

Now I am an adult (well, supposedly according to my age!) with the means to look after other creatures, I find myself surrounded by animal friends. When I think about it most of them have been abandoned on me, for different reasons, but I do love them all to bits.

One such creature that I have a particular soft spot for is a little yellow dragon. He was bought for my son three years ago, but last year had to be moved out of my son’s bedroom due to some building work being done. It then fell on me, for some strange reason, to look after him


He is in fact a Crested Gecko. We had been given lots of advice about looking after him when we bought him, but I found that whenever I went back to the shop I got differing advice. You can feed him on little bugs. No, you should feed him on pureed fruit only! He needs an ultraviolet light. No, he’ll be perfectly ok without a light.


I do feed him on pureed fruit, but I also give him little bugs too, because they’re his favourite. I carried on using the light for a while because it kept the cat off the top of his vivarium and so made his life more peaceful. During the last six months I stopped using the light as the cat stopped attempting to sit on Gecky’s house (yes I know it’s not a very imaginative name! My son chose it).

Last week while buying some more bugs for Gecky I came across a book on crested geckos. It was written by Lance Jepson and is simple to understand and very informative. I now realise that yes they should have both bugs and fruit to eat and yes they do need ultraviolet lights, but not very strong ones. It’s full of everything you need to know should you decide you want to look after a little dragon friend. I’m hoping I haven’t caused Gecky any harm by not using a light for a while, but he does seem fit and healthy at the moment.


It just goes to re-enforce how wonderful books are, also I may have to stop referring to Gecky as a ‘he’ from now on!

Here’s a link if you’d like a copy of Mr. Jepson’s book http://www.amazon.co.uk/Crested-Gecko-Expert-Understanding-Caring/dp/1907337164/ref=sr_1_3?s=books&ie=UTF8&qid=1333641714&sr=1-3